Solniczka (45.7 cm x 30.2 cm…

Solniczka (45.7 cm x 30.2 cm x 30.2 cm: pozłacane srebro, szmaragdy, ametysty, turkusy, rubiny, granaty), Niemcy 1630 rok. Wideo na stronie z opisem kuratora.

„The Exeter Salt was presented to Charles II for his coronation by the former Parliamentarian stronghold of Exeter, possibly as a gift of appeasement. The salt itself was made by Johann Hass of Hamburg in 1630. The purchase of this extremely ornamental object, whose function was to dispense salt and spices, was perhaps a clever choice by the City of Exeter. In 1660 the new king returned home to find that most of his family’s collection of high-status objects had been sold and he needed to replace them. The presence of the salt on his table may have been intended to be a continual reminder of Exeter.”


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