Claude Moore-Brabazon z…

Claude Moore-Brabazon z pierwszą „latającą” świnią, 1909.

„The famous British retort that “pigs might fly” to any suggestion that seems ridiculous has been proved by British aviator Claude Moore-Brabazon (later First Lord Brabazon of Tara).

The first historically recorded flight of a pig took place on at Leysdown in Kent (Great Britain) on November 4th, 1909. With this flight, the aristocratic British aviator made porcine aviation a reality. He fixed a wicker basket to a wing strut of his Voisin biplane and carefully strapped a pig into it. The basket had a hand written sign “I am the first pig to fly”. Then he took bemused pig for a flight of about 3.7 miles from Shellbeach, the Short Brothers airfield at Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey.”


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