Ciekawostka: Na zdjęciu jest…

Na zdjęciu jest Lee Miller, jedyna fotografka podczas II WŚ.
Zdjęcie podczas kąpieli zostało zrobione w monachijskim apartamencie Hitlera, 30 kwietnia 1945

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“This was actually taken on the day that Hitler committed suicide, although Lee Miller didn’t know that until after the event,” said Hilary Roberts, research curator of photography at the museum, who put together the show.
Shortly before, Miller had toured and photographed the Dachau concentration camp. She and Scherman had then made their way to Munich, by this time under U.S. occupation, and headed for Hitler’s apartment, where they spent the night with a group of other people, the curator said.
“The key objects in the photograph are Lee Miller’s boots on Hitler’s bath mat, which when she arrived was pristine white, and when she left was covered with dirt from Dachau,” she said.
Miller walked away with more than just a souvenir snapshot of herself in Hitler’s tub. She also filched a few of his mistress Eva Braun’s personal belongings, which are on view in the exhibition: a smiling portrait of Braun, her powder compact, her large Art Deco-style perfume bottle, and her four-piece rose-patterned desk accessory set.
Before the war, Miller was a model, a Surrealist photographer, and a fashion photographer. Yet her concentration camp pictures are among the ones she is most famous for.
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